The Discoveries


The Discoveries are an exciting young band, bringing to the scene a fresh style of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll.

A video of the two (Paul and Donna) on a social media site received over 500,000 views worldwide which attracted the attention of several promoters across UK and Europe which helped build their reputation.


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Track listing:

  1. Barefoot Baby – Preview
  2. Don’t Knock Upon My Door – Preview
  3. Tear It Up – Preview
  4. All Messed Up and Down – Preview
  5. My Way – Preview
  6. Got My MoJo Working – Preview
  7. Abigail Blue – Preview
  8. Goin’ Up Country – Preview
  9. Ain’t That Lovin You Baby – Preview
  10. Fever – Preview
  11. Folsom Prison Blues – Preview
  12. He May Be Your Man – Preview
  13. Honey Hush – Preview
  14. Little Bitty Pretty One – Preview
  15. Johnny Got a Boom Boom – Preview


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